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"It’s been my dream since I was 12 to be on stage in front of thousands of fans and they sing every word to one of my songs. My goal is to have my music relate to someone during a tough time in their life, and the song brings them solace. A feeling that they’re not alone."

If you have arrived at this site, that means something has piqued your interest. Whether you have heard my music, want to support in our non-profit community work, or just curious to see what's going on:

Thank you. 

I consider this the landing page and accumulation of all the hard work throughout this first year.


This has been a year full of pursuing music, trying build a community to give power to those who need it, and a continuous journey of learning who I am as an individual. 

So again: thank you.

You being here means that there is a possibility of a bridge being built between our lives in some sort of way, so I hope you can accept me with open arms as we travel down this journey we call life.

         With love,



TommyPAPI is a 25-year old Afro-Latino artist living in Detroit, and, for the past 5 years, he has been writing songs from hip-hop to RnB to alternative. Tommy began recording music in 2019 in pursuit of his passion for music and shared his first single "thinking about you" with the world on October 7th, 2020.

We were able to interview Tommy about his projects and put the manuscripts on the subpages of the "ABOUT" menu bar. If you're interested in learning about his journey, the information is available there!

Events this month

Rosita's Treats, Metro Detroit: 07/14/2023
Picnic Colombiano, Kensington, MI: 07/22/2023
MapFest, Detroit MI: 07/29/2023
SW Fest + El AfterParty: 08/19/2023
Berlin x London x Paris: 08/29-09/19
Premios Talentos Latinos, SW Detroit: 10/12/2023
Festival Hispano, Downtown Ferndale: 10/16/2023
Fiesta Fin de Ano, Detroit MI 12/09/2023
service events 
Thanksgiving Food Drive: 11/01/2023 - 11/17/2023


LAtest Release

"turning off emotions", originally produced by prodbymarco and recreated by TommyPAPI, is Tommy's latest release on all platforms. Mixed and mastered by TommyPAPI with some background vocal assistance from YDXX, "turning off emotions" is a single for Tommy's upcoming multi-faceted project, "earth tones". The stirring guitar melodies accompanied with the tragic storytelling of failed love, present a beautiful acoustic for lovesick listeners. 

Please check out all those involved in this project!



YDXX- @yungdiggyxx


If you are interested to learn more about TommyPAPI's current music, past music, or inspirations for his projects, click here or check out the subpages of the "MUSIC" tab!

Latest Music Video

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Click here to view the full catalogue or go to "STORE" in Menu Bar

Here's some merch designs that we are selling on the website. It is very much appreciated if you decide to purchase from us, because you are supporting someone's dream to help people through music. To push people towards a positive change within themselves through introspection and dedication. 

All funds are used to either:                                         

   - promote TommyPAPI and his peers' music (playlisting, radio placements, or blogs)

   - used to push non-profit work forward (purchase of shovels and plastic bags for the Highway Clean-up)

   - or are saved for future concert budgets (tours, renting equipment, promotion, etc.)

Donations are accepted! Feel free to designate where donations go in the description from the options above! All forms of support are appreciated!

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And if you are unable to purchase or donate that is okay! I appreciate the thought, but there are plenty of ways to support without spending money.  Following on social medias and encouraging words/feedback goes a long way. Showing support in any non-profit work by supporting physically or sharing the event details to individuals who would be interested. Or simply sharing TommyPAPI's music and social medias to someone who would enjoy this type of content helps tremendously.

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