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From headlining the stages of the Festival Hispanic Americano and Corktown Sounds, to performing at the Talentos Latinos Award Show, TommyPAPI is making waves within Michigan. 


Tommy is a 24-year-old Afro-Latino artist living in Detroit, and, for the past 6 years, he has been writing songs from hip-hop to RnB to alternative on experimental production and combining the old school sounds with the new. Tommy began recording music in 2019 in pursuit of his passion for music and started sharing it with the world. Since then, he has been genre-bending with influences from his black and Colombian ancestry, while also staying true to Motown and rock n' roll.  When asked about his aspirations, Tommy said: 

"It’s been my dream since I was 12 to be on stage in front of thousands of fans and they sing every word to one of my songs. My goal is to have my music relate to someone during a tough time in their life, and the song brings them solace. A feeling that they’re not alone."

Along his journey, he's been given co-signs from a wide variety of sources of both artists and underground hubs, including two publications on La Voz Magazine, Young Thug, The Blind Boys From Alabama, Promoting Sounds, and Masked Mortal. 

"A pleasure to work with an upcoming Afro-Latino artist whose music stands out in the industry as his own own sound" 

Corktown Sounds Festival

"Such incredible energy in the performance! Definitely has a slot with us at next year's festival."

Festival Hispano Americano

"[musica de]...baladas pop y el cantautor urbano afrocolombiano Tommy Papí" 

Talentos Latinos/Latinos en Michigan TV

"... is actively recruiting more volunteers for his initiative of cleaning up the highway"

The Community Voice (La Voz), October 2021 issue

"lost (leave me alone)"
music video

The Highway Cleanup

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